Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book day, day!

Owner has woken up in a more positive mood setting. (say around 5 no 6....x).  Back in the olden days she droned to me as she measured out Bertie's expensive biscuits...this is 15 grams folks and the good vets drew a big fat black line around the bottom of the plastic is about three or four biscuits. I know.....

AS I WAS SAYING Wonka...she continued to the olden days when times went rough an Angel would appear in their dreams and say FEAR NOT.  Has this happened to you Owner I says up, nicely, as I was awaiting my big fat pouch of good as it gets pretend chick.... NOT AS SUCH she goes back.  This means folks that a wisp of her dream has left her feeling alright. Was it the one with ice cream in it?  I ventured up.  NO WONKA. It appers folks that sometimes you wake up happy and it is due to a dream that (wait for it folks....huge roll on the drums...) AUGURS well. happy fact up and end of.X

You will recall on Tuesdee or someday like that, Bertie refused to eat his breakfast and a full on alert was issued.
There he is!! and Owner had to rush to the good vets and swap the wrong box of food for the right one.  BUT YOU SAID, goes the nice Vet Receptionist. it turns out, that the Vets instead of being guided by their good sense and knowledge turned to Owner for advice.... once Owner had apologised six or seven times for being wrong as per, all was fine.  And Bertie trots out of his Narnia to chomp on the right food!! X
The usual fretful night passed with Owner coughing and muttering but as I say waking up on pleasant mood setting.  THIS despite no werk and ghastly meetings about aged parent and her future hovering in the background.  Every time the  good phone rings I hurl myself in front of it saying DO NOT ANSWER IT Owner.  She insists it could be good news but cannot think what.x
Tonight there is NICHEVO or NIMIC on.  alright there is Enders and a smattering of dramas.  We miss Dickensian as it screeched to a halt without us realising it and we must pester them for more, or haunt them says Owner. HANG ON!!!! It is World Book Day Owner I goes up...................... in that case Wonka, she tells me, I will read a story.  And folks, if you are short of a short story!!! Please read one of ours, they are all free and fun to read on and because it will soon be Easter, then do start with a Duffel story!  There are two, and the first one is this one:
There we are!! and the second story about Duffel is there too, called Wonka presents - Duffel again.  And finally Owner says to tell you, if you want to hold the story in your hands in a real and proper book, you must go to your local bookshop OR the one in the sky, and order #Wonka'sChristmasStory !! X
As you know folks, our bestest publishers in the known world, Austin Macauley are looking at our latest story, An Egyptian Tale and maybe, if we are lucky, they will like it and that will be published too. YES I have popped several coins in the wishing well AND popped some flowers at the feet of Bastet (WHO? you all shout will find out when you read the new story!!x).
So, there IS something to do after all folks #worldbookday ahoy!!!
Have a bookish storyish day folks,FUR UP and Big Love Wonka X