Friday, 1 April 2016

April Fool!!

What is the most foolish thing you have ever done folks?? I did ask Owner the same question and she thought so hard about it, I fell asleep waiting for the answer....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!!

TOO MANY TO MENTION she finally tells me up.  Just one then, I encouraged her to tell.  One of her faves, from when she was young er, was stopping to talk to someone in the street for about a five min conversation only realising towards the end that she had mistaken the person for someone she knew.............DID YOU KNOW THEM AT ALL Owner? I quizzed up when I had stopped rolling round on the luxury carpet.  Slightly Wonka, she goes back, but not enough to have an in depth friendly chat.  And that folks, sums Owner up nicely!!x
Who is that Wonka?!!!  That folks, second to the left, is Owner's Grandad who used to have his birthday on this very day, April First.  He played in the village band (Haverhill, in Suffolk) and married the girl next door, Owner's Grandma, Edna May.  how romantic is that folks!!  Owner often drones on about them both and how she loved staying with them as her Grandma used to tell her all the stories about her nine yes nine bruvs and sisters. WAS THERE RIVALRY Owner? I quizzed up.  You bet! she says, with lots of squabbling about dresses (to wear to the town hall dance) and Grandma was the only sister to stay in the village, as the other two girls, Kit and Pearl married and left! There we are, a little bit of history for you on this good day.  Being young and foolish isn't such a bad thing we reckon up.  End of. X
Yesterday, after what seemed like a small amount of housework (washing, cleaning, shopping, going round the luxury carpet with the monster...) Owner sank onto the settee aka my giant nest, and declared she was exhausted.  I mean.  This was her excuse to watch a film (Hugo, which we are giving 5* rating), and then go square eyed for Enders (a mash up of Fil telling Shazzer he ad stopped, Lynda shouting about babe Ollie and sorry if it isn't Ollie.) and Masterchef.  Gavin was our fave, and he messed it up. I know. Tonight it is Carling Brown Eyebrows turn to mess fings up, and we are warming to Gemma the reformed gangster's moll (Callum's mate) Queen of the Kebab shop and Todd who sees straight through Feelan.  We love it. PLUS there is another quarter final of Masterchef to cling to.  Fridee night is the biz.x
I wish all of you a happy April Fool's day and it is alright to be silly now and then.  Rug was silly yesterdee when he jumped up onto the windysill from outside and gazed at Owner through the poor double glazing.  YOU LIVE HERE shouted Owner back to him! and Bertie is silly for growling and hissing AT NO ONE! there is no one there Bertie! goes Owner to him.  Me? I go silly now and then of course I do, like jumping in a new boxes and laying on carrier bags, and Owner likes it when I do.  OH WONKA, she says with a smile - and if Owner is smiling, we all are! Big Love Wonka X