Thursday, 21 April 2016

Big Birthdays!

IS IT A ROYAL BIRTHDAY Wonka? You know it is! You are teasing me folks!  The whole world knows that we are lucky enough in this little old isle, to have a Queen working away for our country at 90!

SO, it's a big Happi birthday to you Your Maj! x and herewith is one of Owner's little tributes.
There we are!! Owner saw a photo of the Queen as a little girl with her arm round her Dad (George VI..x) and wanted to do a cartoon thingy wotsit of it.  'I LIKE IT' she droned to me, 'BECAUSE SHE LOVED HER DAD SO MUCH.  What else the Queen loves, is her corgi dogs (Tick - I know it's dogs but it is animals. X) and horses (Tick, more animals. X) so they are in the picture too. We are very proud in this household, to have such a lady in charge of our monarchy.  End of and royal fact up. X
What else, you all want to know is happening.  As you know, Owner is back on the scrap heap and able to enjoy wall to wall snooker championships. And, a bit of writing and wotnot.  Me?thanks for asking, hard at it really what with sniffing under the kitchen door at Ruggles, sniffing round the Narnia cupboard at Bertie (in his igloo so hard to reach..x) and generally getting under Owner's feet.  I have made a to-do list for Owner though, and asked for some geraniums for the window box outside my best dining room window.  I do like to gaze out at some flowers, and I don't think it's too much to ask (of the credit card folks. we love it.X). End of lists and to-do's.X
Last night we clung onto Masterchef and watched Jacob being voted out.  We liked him and wish him millions. BUT, our new best fave is Natasha.  She is laid back and presented Marcus scaring I mean Wareing with a Trifle.  HE LUVED IT!!! all went hysterical when they found out he was their judge and specially when he said he was FAIR BUT FIRM. I did say to Owner that many have said this about her but she wasn't listening above laughing hysterically.
Tonight there is more, PLUS a big prog all about Queenie for us to cuddle up to.  So far in folks, it is a good hair day (TICK x) a good birthday day (TICK x) and I suggest....a day to BE OUTSIDE IN!!
(Owner.....x)...Have a very happy day to yourselves folks and treat yourselves to a little of what you fancy!  Big Love Wonka X