Saturday, 9 April 2016

Brothers in Arms

WHAT YOU ON ABOUT Wonka?  it is still can it still be raining moaned Owner when she got up, at the stroke of seven, our new getting up time.  And it does seem to have been raining for months on end folks.  This isn't helping the over pruned rose out back, it seemed to stop growing entirely after Owner went at it a few weeks back.  I FEAR I'VE GONE TOO FAR she told me up.  Surely not you Owner? I said back (it was cuddling up to a snack time for me.x) anyhow, this does not answer your question folks. We are all related and connected, and have bruvs and sisters all over the globe. ME? thanks for asking, and my bruverly feline is Luke, just a town or two away -
There he is!! atop the old rocking horse (like Neddy, in the Joe's Christmas stories on

IS HE ALRIGHT Wonka? you all ask up worried now.  Daughter has reported, to Owner, that Luke is sneezing. Owner sent a dissertation back via text about what to do.  I mean, I have suffered, as you know folks, with this kind of symptom, and was shipped off to the vets before I could get up a proper temperature!!!

Here is Luke again!! twice for good measure said Owner proudly. He was a bit younger then and is now in his twilight years folks.  After the lengthy instructions sent by Owner to reassure and guide daughter, there is be a lengthy silence I think, whilst daughter digests it all.  As you know, I did meet up with Luke several years back, on a little holiday with Golly.  Golly, who was good and brave and what a cat, he is a saint now, loved everyone and greeted Luke (and Demi and Morag - both with St Francis now.X) with great affection. Me?  I hid behind a curtain for the duration of the holiday only popping out to hiss and growl. BUT he is my brother in arms, like the song goes, and I'm sending him A LOT of positive purring.X
In other less bruvverly news, we loved our tv last night and even got through Enders without Owner losing it.  it seemed to centre on Ronnee and her stalker, who is hooded up and lurking, and Staycee who is still not right. yes.  Tonight, there is the Grand Finale of the Voce.  Rickee is bound to win with either Kev or Jolan who can sing the pants off of anything.  Owner says Casualtee may be building up to a better storyline than last week when Connie and thingy nearly died then recovered in two seconds.  Brits got loadsa talent is back and clashes nicely with everything. Surely Owner can fit it all in you all shout up?  I am a slave, folks, to a bit of good entertainment, so yes it shall be watched, so we can go OOHH and AHHH to the acts and those pesky judges.
Finally, it is the Grand National horsey race and we have said a BIG prayer to St Francis for all of them.  Balthazar King, our fave from last year is retiring and Owner says she hopes this isn't another way of saying goodnight Vienna. Many clouds who won it last year is in it to win it, again.  We love you and hope you get round alright!x  do enjoy your soggy or sunny Satdees wherever you are folks, and remember we are all connected up! Big Love Wonka X