Friday, 22 April 2016

Brush Up!

DO YOU MEAN THE BRUSH OFF Wonka? NON!!  A brush off is when someone ignores you, leaves you to it OR just does not listen to you.  A brush up is when Owner attacks, yes attacks me or Bertie Bubb with the cat brush.  for a groom.  I have been known to tackle the brush and Owner back, and Bertie has been known to run back into his igloo.

Mostly, we like it.  Ruggles has had to put up with Owner twisting out his clumps of fur by hand, and once gently  I SAID gently nipped Owner's hand as if to say ALRIGHT THAT IS ENOUGH NOW.  Did she stop Wonka? you all ask on the edge of your settees and wotnot.  Of Course not!! X

There we are!  All in hand folks!! X
Now today is another special day folks, it is Earth Day!! and Owner has now planted up some nice new geraniums to smell up the windowbox out back.  Lots of things are growing DESPITE Owner's pruning.  she has no known knowledge of pruning even after watching that nice Monty Don on his gardening weekly prog. So it is a miracle folks that the only rose bush we have, is sprouting some new shoots. IF AND WHEN it shoves out a blossom, we will take a photee!! big and earthy fact up.X

Yesterdee was all about our Queenie, on a walkabout, in a car ride AND lighting beacons to celebrate being a wonderful 90 years old.  Owner sat and watched an entire prog all about it and came out the other side with big square eyes.  We loved it!  Today, it is Fridee and although no one in the entire world alright round here wants Owner to do any PAID work, she has been hard at it with the latest story.  IT IS MY STORY folks and Owner is kindly typing it up for me AND doing a few pictures. It is a spooky tale, and even I think it's scary! End of and exciting new story fact up!!X

Later on it is our usual Fridee night marathon juggling one soap against another against good masterchef. YES WE CAN.  and finally, that nice President Obama and Michelle are visiting our little kingdom and may be visiting some royal babes (little George and Charlotte.x) for a good end to this very extra royal week folks. Owner is entranced with the snooker, Bertie is deep in his igloo, Ruggles is perched on his bench out back and ME? thanks for asking, bathing in a good patch of sunlight! Remember to give your fur a good brush! and bear up with the tangles!Big Love Wonka X