Sunday, 10 April 2016

Durrells Day!

Who is that Wonka? you all wake up from your Sundee snoozes and ask me.  The Durrells is our new fave Sundee night prog.  It is all about the MUM, and her brood all on the idyllic (get me!x) island or town or PLACE of Corfu.  they are all eccentric TICK, interesting TICK creative HUGE TICK and we are in love.X

There we are! and that is the youngest Durrell who loves all creatures and that is a sort of a lizard on a tree.  there are more bruvs and one sister too AND they want their mum to fall in love with a Corfu ian.  YES. X
Last night we hugged up to the grand finale of The Voce and KEVIN went and sang his way to winning it.!!  Owner went on to watch Casualtee but was suffering.  WHAT WITH Wonka you all take a sudden interest and want to know...........with unrequited love? indigestion? the storyline and Connie and thingy??? NONE OF THOSE - she suddenly developed a massive (she says it was) ulcer thing on her gum.  YES it was painful and guess what.....NOT A PAINKILLER IN SIGHT except on the telly there were stacks of them.  Owner went through every known bag (lots) and strange places in case she had an aspirin BUT NO.  She had to make do with a hot water bottle pressed to her cheek.  I did say her nice GP (she loves him.x) would be impressed but she didn't hear me above the bottle. (hot water one.X) I know.X
In other less painful news, the thing on her gum has gone.  it's marvellous what the body does in the night Owner I said up to her first thing when I was waking her up.  I KNOW AND I AM GRATEFUL she droned.  Today has been eventful as she has finally cancelled her old mobile that she was clinging to for sentimental reasons only.  I did advise her to stop it, and save some £s and blow me down stairs, she has done.X
We have caught up with Brits got massive amounts of talent and the impressionist was FAB.  Owner laughed out loud which is very unsettling as it doesn't happen overmuch.  I have checked she is ready for LOTS of work next week OR launching her Life Coaching Biz.  Everyone else is busy launching this that and the other Owner, I said to her, to make her feel one of the crowd. I KNOW Wonka, she goes to me, BUT I'M different.  you're telling me..........only joking Owner!!  Now enjoy your Sundee evening and have a different and exciting week ahead! Fur Up!! Big Love Wonka X