Monday, 18 April 2016

Fools Rush In!

NOW WHAT Wonka?  For a Mundee morning my Owner is still remarkably calm folks.  She has said YES to the Skool that sends a shiver down her spine and has not cried into her hanky yet.

WHY? you all gasp up in astonishment, did she agree to go back to the very Skool which sends her over the edge............ IT IS ONLY FOR AN AFTERNOON the good agency wheedled and pleaded with her. OH ALRIGHT she goes.  At least it will keep us in our expensive cat biscuits for 2 mins I said up, to cheer her up and onwards!! I had better power dress Wonka, she says back to me, trudging upstairs to pick out her most powerful outfit.  IS IT THE DEEP PINK CARDI you all shout up anxiously.  I think that will be exactly the right power cardi to pop on folks......X
There we are!!! Owner is good at all round entertainment.  ARE YOU PREPARED Owner? I shouted up the stairs....but she couldn't hear me above printing out a quiz for the rabble to do IF no lesson plan AND selecting a DVD.  HOW ABOUT 'one flew over the cuckoos nest' with that nice Jack Nicholson? Just a thought, and I do love birds as you know folks.  End of and Skool facts up.XX
Ruggles rushed out briefly, ran up the step ladders to peer in at me (I hissed and made a funny miaowing noise.x) from the outside windy sill. And Owner, who made loving noises back and said things like 'IT's ME Ruggles!!'.  Then he remembered he lived in the kitchen and ran down the steps and in the good back door.  I mean.  ~Bertie had a bit of a day yesterdee on an expensive senior pouch of food that DIDNOT agree.  he is now back on expensive Sheba and seems the biz.X
Last night went by in a Durrell dream as we love them.  Tonight we must stick to Corrie and the christening of the new babe, Enders and whoever is going to be clubbed over the head next, and goodnight Vienna....that is Owner falling upstairs and into her pit folks.  I have warned her to take a full pack of tissues and sweets to the poor Skool.  personally I feel for those young students having to put up with my Owner all afternoon but NO I haven't said this out loud.  DO have a fun Mundee yourselves folks, and if you are faced with a situation, then bristle your whiskers and big your tail up! it works for me! Big Love Wonka X