Sunday, 17 April 2016

Friends are Us!

WHO IS being friendly then Wonka? you all wonder up.  it is Sundee and you might not be up yet OR if you are on the other good side of the world it could be creeping up to evening or lunch or tea. EVEN SO, it is all to play for.  it is Ruggles, who has managed to make a new friend folks simply by darting around the back and following up on strange scents and that.  IS IT ANOTHER CAT you all quite rightly suspect and say up. NON!!
There he is!!  Ruggles on the good back door step, and there gazing back at him in adoration is a little person! called Harry!! and, get this, Ruggles let Harry stroke his head.  Me?  I would have run a mile folks, and peeked from under the bed.  it has taken me two years to make friends with our bestest hairdresser in the known world alright round here then.X
Now folks, Owner keeps singing up 'YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME!'  Little Harry was whisked off by his Granny, but he returned several times in the hope of seeing his new pal.  Ruggles has taken it all in his stride and even let Yogi in to eat all his breakfast. I know.X
In other less riveting news (good use of word.X) Owner dreamt of the red arrows in formation and according to her dream book this is a portent (x) of financial gain. PLEASE I prayed up, let this be true. Then, she has switched the good tv on and guess what? YES, it is the snooker! all day long on good Beeb 2.  There is nothing (de rien and so forth) more likely to pop Owner in a good mood setting than that.  She may wander down to the shops to capture some essentials later, and then folks, I can have a proper check on Bertie Bub.  he has been put on a new pouch of SENIOR food but the same biscuits.  HAS HE LOST ANY WEIGHT yet Wonka? you all want to know.  If he has, he is disguising this very well folks.  End of and Bubster fact up.X
Tonight we will lap up the Durrells on their beauty isle of Corfu plus watch Brits got Talent all over again.  DID YOU WATCH THAT other thing on Beeb one and the answer is MAIS OUI.  it was alright and Owner laughed once or twice.  In Casualtee, both Reetah (Owner does not like) and Connie got on Owner's nerve especially Reetah.  no end of saying things like 'do you recognise traits of your own personality' and 'does she remind you of anyone?' made Owner stop moaning on.  I mean.  Do go on to have a friendly day to yourselves folks, maybe taking a chance on a new small person like Ruggles did OR letting someone in to eat your breakfast.(x)  Big Love Wonka X