Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hamster Wheel!

Surely Wonka, you have not made room for a hamster??
NO! it is Owner who is lucky enough to get another shout for work folks - after turning the first one down I did think we were in for a good spell of scrap heaping BUT all my wishes thrown into the good wishing well are paying off AND owner is off the heap and onto the Hamster Wheel OR the wicked world of work.  End of and happy result up.X
It does mean getting up at the crack of dawn but that is NOTHING or De rien for me folks as I like to rise about 5 am, and would not dream of leaving Owner to slumber on....X
There we are!! Off she goes!! and I can settle back and enjoy a few well earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH!! x
In other more appealing news, that nice chap who has contacted Owner for her snooker story is pleased with what she coughed up. DID IT MENTION ME Owner? I pleaded up, not to forget mousey.  YOU ARE IN MOST OF THE CARTOONS Wonka she reassured me up....AND MOUSEY.  I love you Owner and wotsisname too.X
Last night when Owner wasn't preparing for her shout at a good local primary Skool, she watched more of Benoit.  WHO? you all shout at me thinking he is a stranger but NON Benoit is one of the crème de la crème judges alongside orange Claire and Cherish.  It sounds like Cherish and she looks like a Cherish. Some of them are making a greek dish. it is Tomas who hails from Liverpool via Slovakia. We like his team, which usually means they come last.X
Finally, Owner has announced a visit from Grandson and that solves the mystery of strange bedding popping up, and a lot of cleaning.  I don't like change and have warned Bertie to stay in his igloo for the duration.   When I get chance I will warn Ruggles under the kitchen door, of pending visitors.  He takes years to warm to new folks and will have Owner's nerve on the edge.X
Now do go on to enjoy your Wednesdee folks it is half way through the good week, and who knows the cold weather could turn into spring any time soon! Til it does, continue to wear your woollies and turn up the heat!  Big Love Wonka X