Sunday, 24 April 2016

Horsey Horsey

Now you will all be singing that well known song,
'Horsey Horsey don't you stop!'  OR you will be shouting 'A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!'

Owner says that is from the play Richard III and he was left stranded in the field at Bosworth. AND she droned to me, he was the last King to die on a battlefield, slaughtered by Henry Tudor VII (yes and he was Henry VIII's dad.x). End of and Big Plantagenet fact up.X

There we are!!  As promised (we did!x) here is our fave horse and it is Neddy from #joeschristmas.  Owner was reminded of this by little Prince George on his own rocker!! XX
In other horsey horsey news, we have watched the London Marathon and there is not ONE horse in sight. Plenty of runners though and lots of £s raised for good charities.  Owner said she tried running once and it didn't agree.  Personally I like a bit of dashing about up and down the stairs but mostly down the hallway after a tinkly ball.  ~Bertie has been known to run into his igloo and Ruggles sometimes goes mad and runs out back.
Owner says it has gone freezing and we had a sprinkle of snow and I told her to wipe her glasses.... tonight we have our beloved Durrells we love that family in Corfu and if Owner can stay awake who knows what else we might go square eyed with.  YES there is the snooker and our hero Ronnie is on the table avec Bazzer Hawkins.  Owner has been on a slight cleaning jive BUT the monster has stayed in the cupboard.  So far.  Now do go on to have a sporty horsey horsey Sundee to yourselves folks, keep you whiskers bristling and wrap up warm!! big Love Wonka X