Wednesday, 13 April 2016

In Da Box!

LITTLE BOXES ............or big boxes medium sized, all boxes.
if you are feeling out of sorts, getting into a box will revive you!
Even Owner agrees with me on this one, although I did say are you too big for a box Owner.
NO Wonka! she goes back to me - no one is too big or too successful to enjoy some time out in a box.  personally folks, I cannot imagine my life without my beloved AMAzen box.  and on that happy box note:
There we are!!  A good box solves all your trubs.  End of.X
IS OWNER IN A BOX Wonka? you all ask up excitedly!  Not just now folks, although she may be in one in her head!  NO ONE that is NO ONE is calling her up for any werk.  IT IS HARD Wonka, she droned to me, TO STAY POSITIVE in the face of such grinding rejection.  I did say don't be so dramatic Owner, but she didn't hear me above rifling through a bunch of paperwork and moaning.  I remain HUGELY optimistic and as long as that biscuit trough stays level................X
Yesterday it insisted on that fine drizzle ALL day.  I enjoyed looking at it through the bay window and instructed Owner to take some newspaper for the wet car seat (from the good sun roof.  I know.x) and to wear the coat with the hood.  I didn't hear her reply through the best double glazing though.  last night we were crème de la creming!  our fave judge is the Frenchy one called Benoit or something very like it. all the teams (three.x) were swearing away in English so we could figure it out and making giant pastry thingies.  Owner made do with some cream crackers. yum, I says to her.x
Tonight we can look forward to Corrie X 1 and the bullying must stop! Those horrid girls are setting on Sarah's daughter, thingy, and Owner is not keen.  Stand up them! she shouts at the telly.  What makes folk tackle and set on others I wondered to myself, and then decided to check on Bertie bubb and Ruggles. Now do go on to have a care free, and in Da Box day to yourselves good folks, and do put a spring in your paws!! Big Love Wonka.
PS update on my little pal Peggy who has come down with the dread cold - she is on all the medication there is and we love her.x