Saturday, 2 April 2016

It's Brill!

WHAT YOU ON ABOUT Wonka? you all mumble up it being a soggy and dull and miz looking Satdee................ it is here and that is all that counts folks  ALRIGHT so it is sunny where you are.

Last night me and Owner stuck like fish glue to good Masterchef and learnt all about BRILL. Ask me anything you like about this previously unknown to me OR Owner, fish

1.  Is it a famous fish?  IT IS NOW  2.  Would we like it?  THE JURY AND THE WATER BATH IS OUT.  and 3.  Why are we even talking about BRILL?  because the guest judgey on Masterchef (Charles thingy.) made all the good contestants cook it up.  Our fave Tom, tried to cook his Brill Brill in a water bath and FAILED.  Bet it was nice and clean though!!  sorry Tom!  Did anyone conquer (very hard word to spell.  may never use it again. end of.x) the blessed Brill you all chirp up full of sympathy and wotnot for Tom AND the fish.  Pedro and Stuart seemed to bake it or fry it or steam it or stew it to satisfaction.  End of and big fish fact up. X

There we are!! This is a good cartoon of an ALIVE Brill enjoying its natural habitat (good use of word.x). X

There are lots of jokes to be made about the Brill and believe me Owner went through most of them last night.  When we weren't cuddled up to PESTE (fish in Romanian.) or POISON (frenchy France)or RIY-BA (Rusky Russia) we were cemented to Corrie X 2.  Did it deliver YES IT DID. Who would have thought Michell's love life could be so interesting.  I have never known Owner to be so quiet for all of ten mins!  In Enders Fil as stopped guzzling and swigging back bottles of brown liquid OR clear, and sezs ee is tryin.  Very trying shouted Owner at the telly.  Tonight will see more nerve on the edge, as the Voice is on and Owner is now against all of the judges save Rickee. I love it.X

The Bubster remains nestled nicely in the Narnia (poetic or wot!x) and Ruggles took half an hour sat with the good back door open with a freezing draft coming in to decide it was too cold to go out.  I know.  ME? thanks for asking.  The second Owner goes out on her rounds I can get a few well earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Have a super whiskered up Satdee folks!  Big Love Wonka