Saturday, 30 April 2016

Making Do!

Are you on an ECONOMY drive Wonka?  Ever since Owner took this gung ho attitude towards our dwindling £s I HAVE STRESSED the need to 'make do and mend.'

A million years ago, when Owner was a brownie (first step on the road to Girl Guides, EXCEPT when you drop out.......x) she likes to tell me how she learnt to darn a sock. DARN A SOCK! you all shout up in admiration. Yes.  I have suggested that she tries to keep all our old things going instead of flinging off to the shop and buying a new one.  ~And I said this folks, just as she was closing the good front door to go to the shops....X

There we are!  Owner only mended a failed earring folks!! Blow me down, if she didn't glue the tiny, weensy, so small you need a magnifying glass to see it, earring top, back onto the teensy, weensy, minute post that was holding it on.  Impressed?? I'LL SAY!!  And she's wearing them today to see how well that glue will work.  I only hope Owner, I says up, in a whisper really, that your best ear doesn't react to that glue.  She might not have heard me though, above unpacking all the shopping (essentials. tick.X)

Have you mended anything else Wonka?  NON, De Rien.  NIMIC.

The thing is, with grandson on his way to eat us out of everything in the fridge and cupboards, and then to say he is hungry, there won't be a lot of time for making or doing. OR mending.  The snooker is at that drastic time of the semis, and our fave commentator John Virgo is full of it.  WHERE'S THE BLUE GOING!! he says up, to make a nice change (from the white) and even the entire audience joined in for the OOOOOOOOHHHHH when it just missed the pocket! How exciting it is folks. Do we have a fave to win it though?  Owner thinks the jester from Leicester who is Mark Selby could win it......he is not a fave though.  Not since he pinched the title in 2014, the year Owner made it to the Crucible and missed Ronnie playing.  YES she is still droning on about that. End of and big snooker news up.X

Tonight, who knows folks, we might watch Brits got massive talent, AND casualtee.  if Reetah stops being a silly billy and tells someone about her stalker, we might watch it says Owner.  IF she tries to sort it out all on her own, I think Owner's nerve might fail. and swing to over the top setting!!  Now do enjoy your Satdees, and be like me, a little polish up here and a little brush up there, good as new folks!!! Big Love Wonka X