Monday, 11 April 2016

Mellow Yellow!

That's right folks, it is our theme tune for this good Mundee - and YES it is a song by Donovon.  If Owner's memory is to be trusted that is.  WHY ARE YOU SO UPBEAT Wonka? you all trudge around mumbling to me.

As Owner reports, she woke up feeling alright. And if Owner is alright, it has a snowball effect on ME Bertie Bubb and Ruggles. Not to mention the outside world folks, which is always trying to get in.  And because we have not had any uplifting cartoons on here lately I am insisting on one of ME fronting one of our fab stories.

There we are! The second in the Duffel series and it is free and fun to read on folks.  Also, Owner is half way through the third one!  and this one is set in Paris and sees Duffel visit all the main attractions If only Owner would get a shift on and pop it on smashwords for you all to read..... in the meantime there are plenty more on there. Start your Mundee right and Read Wonka! x
We all want good moods to last and stay but you try capturing one of them! I have recommended (to my bestest Owner) a new approach health wise.  OH YES Wonka? you all sit up and sound interested.  I have said to CUT down on caffeine. Tick - drink more water with just a SOUPCON of fruit juice in it TICK - and pack it in with large meals.  alright Owner doesn't eat large meals but the new way forward is 5 yes FIVE smaller meals spread through the day.  HOW? she goes to me, will I do that if I'm working?  The answer folks is in the question is it not (get me.)x
If, I says to her, you crack on with your new Life Coaching workshops you can eat at will!!! whenever you say you can!! how motivating is that folks??  I bet you are all now putting together the business plan you started ten years' back.  GO FOR IT!.x
Now last night we were loving and in love with The Durrells.  it is quite mad and just up our strasa. Tonight there is the usual double helping of Corrie and all these romantic trysts not to mention the fall out between Tim and Sally our fave couplet. alright we love the vicar and sean or shaun too.  Enders is focussing hard on thingy and Ben's relationship which you couldn't make up HANG ON they have!!! Now do go on to have a fantasic Mondee and dust off those old furry dreams while you at it. big purrs and Big Love Wonka X