Friday, 15 April 2016

Our Idol

YES we have an idol NOT a pop idol but a real genuine saving person to look up to.

WHO IS IT Wonka?? you all gasp up in admiration.....

Surely you know by now folks, there is only one person we look to and send our prayers up to.....St Francis.  He is our idol and hero.  AND we have had to pray lots for pals Peggy and Luke.  Both fell ill with cat flu BUT are on the mend.  This, is partly due to all the trips to the good vets but ALSO due to prayers going up and coming back answered!  We love him.X

There we are! And he is surrounded by his fave creatures....and Peggy and ME.X

In other interesting news, Owner had a good time with aged parent for her birthday tea, and reports the cakey was a success AND she blew out all the candles. OOOHH.  Today, Owner is to go out for a visit and check on said Peggy.  She has offered to catsit for a couple of hours. Don't frighten her, by thundering up too close, or talking too much at her, I says to Owner who wasn't listening above talking to Bertie (in his Narnia) and then telling Ruggles what a darling he is.  I mean.x

We are still snuggling up tight to Gordon in his inter the wild adventures with different celebs.  WHO HAS BEEN YOUR FAVE Wonka? you all pester up and want to know.  Alistair Campbell is close to it, as he was promised wildlife and got some voles instead and then Ed Byrne as was quite funny. We do love Gordon though as he seems (alarm! big word coming up!x) impervious to the cold. (there I did it.x).  All he wears is a thin check shirt.  I know.x

Now we have passed through a big week what with Owner booking rooms to run her Life Coaching biz and the good agency totally ignoring her millions of life experience and skills.  DO THEY REALISE what they are missing you all rightfully wonder up.  I am quite sure folks, that they do.  On the mood setting swingometer, Owner is on about five - this could increase by next week and I am keeping a close eye on the situation, from under the bed ONLY JOKING!!x

Do have a lovely day up folks, as it is Fridee and all to play for.  If you have an idol (other than me!!) then take a leaf out of their book.  St Francis, he loved all of us great and small and gets a mention in all our stories, specially our Christmas Story.  Big Love Wonka X