Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Skool's Back!

YES it's true because I have been observing from my fave windysill perch in the bay, LOTS of childer trudging past en route to Skool.
The Easter Hols are officially OVER WITH.

WHAT OF Owner ? you all whisper up, scared of getting on the wrong side.............. NO ONE has sought her out to cover anything, or assist with anything or generally just stand around at any known skool alright just the local ones.  Does this mean Wonka, you all say trembling in your socks....does this mean she is on the SCRAP HEAP??  amazingly, Owner is still clinging to that old saying
it ain't over til it's over AND listening to it on the good Radio.
she has other more important things on her mind LIKE the new bizniz Life Coaching....and her new health ridden diet.X
There we are!! Even the old mobile has refused to go on said Scrap Heap!  WHY? I says to Owner, gently and kindly, it being a close call to my next snack, WHY are you still clinging onto the old mobile?  I cannot see it off yet Wonka, she says gripping it tightly, AND it can carry on as an Alarm.  So now folks, in case it does refuse to alarm and snooze, Owner has to set the new mobile ten mins on from the old one as a BACK UP.  This folks, sums up our life. End of and mobile fact up. X
In other more exciting news Owner has had to look up Finland on the map.  it seems to nestle next to Sweden TICK and those pesky Russians TICK (we love everyone well nearly everyone.x) also Owner keeps reading about Fin baby boxes. NO I don't understand it either I mean I have my Amazen box as you know and of course would recommend this to all Baby Fins!! Bless them all.  big love and wotnot to ALL babies wherever you are laying.x
Finally, what will Owner do with all this spare time.  She must not go on a worry wart, and to avoid this (a bit like Dave and his tax thingies.x) I have suggested she spend time on an advert for the new Biz, looking after ME, writing some more to the new Spooky tale (OOOOH.x) the new Duffel OR some illustrations to any of them.  and maybe a small essential shop.x
We are worrying about something, both of us, and that is Peggy.  WHO IS THAT Wonka?  Peggy lives with Luke (and Tess the dog) over at Daughter's home and has managed to catch the cold that Luke had.  Once more prayers have been cast up, texts have been sent, and St Francis must stop whatever he is doing and have a word.  here is Peggy in case you all forgot..............
There she is!  Very funny and furry which is all you want in a feline really.X
Now tonight we will huddle up to crème de la crème! Lawks it is very good fun and we do love a frenchyfied Judge he is Magnifique!  Can we cope with Enders though? Ben has found out that his girlfriend (ex now we think) was lying through her teef! also, that Billy Mitchell (ooh those Mitchells.x) cannot sing his way out of a soap bar.  After the pastry show tonight, there is an informative, educational, intelligent prog on all about the EEEWE and I have begged Owner not to watch it.  she is determined to give the 'just five mins' though.  Are we in or are we out folks?  in this household we are ALL IN...Bertie would vote to stay and so would Ruggles.  We might be a dysfunctional union in this house, BUT we like it like that. End of and EEEWE fact up.x
Be like Owner and use your time to create! OR be like me and stay cool and calm in the Zen...........big Love Wonka X