Friday, 29 April 2016

Snooker Barmy!


What Wonka? you all mumble at me glad it is Fridee but NOT glad it is freezing cold in April.

Owner's little sketches and wotnot are all on the Guardian site for the world to wonder up at!!!  And with a little help from Owner I am popping a link on so anyone can see them.  YES I am in a couple of them plus a very old friend of ours Mr BeauJangles, a grand grey beauty of a cat who used to visit.x

This is the link folks!  Owner was so excited and I have to admit folks that seeing all those little tributes MOSTLY to our hero Ronnieosullivan was a proud moment.  And Owner even remembered our tea time! Big snooker barmy moment up! and it nearly makes up for Ronnie going out early.  nearly.X

Is anything else happening aside for snooker Wonka you all pester me to know.  Owner says she may be developing another cold.
I HAD TO DO A PLAYTIME she croaked to me yesterdee.  How long for Owner I says with interest it being smack on my supper time.  AN HOUR she drones back.  I have suggested: turning up the heating which is fairly hot anyway (small tick.x) lots of hot drinks (small tick as does this anyway.x) and not staying out too long at the shops (Big Tick.x).x

There we are!! It is going to be snooker all the way even with Grandson due to arrive tomorrow folks! X
Last night we cheered our faves on in masterchef and watched John in the kitchen mustering his troops. HELLO he shouted up when none of them spoke to him after a big instruction.  HELLOAH!! yes chef! they all finally chimed in.  Jane is still our big fave along with Billy.  He is creative and messy and we like that.x
Tonight we shall continue to boo and hiss at Feelan in good Corrie..  Eileen is the only one nearly, who likes him.  Jason has gone funny but will anyone notice?  Steve is back from somewhere abroad without a tan and now it feels like he was never gone. I didn't think Owner should watch Enders last night what with her croaky throat and nerve.  it is impossible to predict what happened BUT Staycee is still wonky, Fil is still drunk and fallen out with change there says Owner.  End of and soapy suds up.X
It has gone freezing and it is raining or sleeting.  Despite this I am encouraging Owner to get some fresh air.  you think better when you are up and doing Owner I told her.  I don't think she heard me above putting the rocket on for a nice hot drink.  Now continue to put up a good fight, it is Fridee and all to play for.  Big Love Wonka X