Saturday, 16 April 2016

Snooker is US!!

ARE YOU A BIG SNOOKER FAN Wonka? you all ask up.

You betcha!!!  those coloured balls all whizzing round the green baize and SOMETIMES going in a pocket.  What is not to love?
Owner will be rushing home to switch it on (if she ever gets recalled for some werk.  I know.X) and droning on about WHO IS MILKINS (he popped up last year and goodness me won his match easily. and then vanished off.x) and CAN RONNIE (that is good Ronnie O Sullivan our hero and bestest.x) DO IT AGAIN and win the whole dang thing.  I tell you folks, that is us for two whole blissful weeks and Owner on setting TEN of the mood swingometer.  End of and big snooker fact up.X
There we are!! That will be our fave John Virgo saying those immortal words once more.X
Have you finished going on about it Wonka you say to me slightly fed up as NOT ALL OF YOU love Snooker like we do.  ALRIGHT then.  In other equally good news, Peggy our pal and distant cousin has managed to stop being ill and has even nipped her Owner's hand.  That is MY Owner's daughter no less.  Owner said to her, if she is well enough to do that, she is well.  I mean.  The minute Owner zoomed off yesterdee to see to all and sundry did the big box arrive.  AND the windows were cleaned.  I tell you I had to run upstairs and hide nearly every hour!!  And inside the big box when a good neighbour brought it round was................(big roll on those drums....x) CRISPS.  They are free because Owner, who never wins anything not ever, won them in a Twitter competition.  I know.
WHO MADE THEM Wonka?  they are Irish (Tick) and home grown (Tick) Gluten Free (Tick) and by KEOGHS.  it may be pronounced COUGHS we don't know but that is our word up since Owner had one.X
Now last night was good and we watched back to back soaps with Todd stepping up in Corrie to be a good bloke who is good with babies and good at stopping bullies from bullying.  he is our new fave.X  Ben has come out of the wardrobe or something very like that and is in love with his new bloke well not that new but still.X and in Masterchef our new fave is Jane who has been cooking for her family for what seems like a lifetime with no recognition UNTIL now.X  Tonight we are torn between good Michael Mcintyre and Brits got oodles of Talent.  I know. XX
Ruggles has been out, popped up the stepladder and gazed lovingly in at Owner through the poor double glazed window in the dining room.  HE SEEMS CONFUSED said Owner making loving noises through said glass.  There is no answer to that I says up from my sunny spot crushed up against the skirting. Bertie isn't sure if his rations have been further reduced in a last ditch effort to shift some weight and I'm saying ZILCH.  De RIEN. NIMIC.x
I insist you try a little snooker as it so very soothing if you are frazzled.  IF you are not frazzled, still watch it! Big Love Wonka X