Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Bard!

DO YOU MEAN SHAKESPEARE Wonka? you bet I do folks!!
and if I suddenly break into a sonnet or wotnot, that is why!!

Owner has rediscovered The Tempest.  This was my Dad's fave, she droned to me earlier.  None of us, in this household pretend to understand it, it is all about an Island (tick x) some magic (tick x) a bit of love interest (I know.x) and some larger than life characters.  LIKE WHO Wonka? you all now want to know. Prospero is quite large and he is central to the plot (ver proud.) WHO ELSE you all shout at me now.  Erm there is his daughter Miranda, a chap called Caliban and a spirit called Ariel. They are all on a magic isle where Prospero was banished to as Duke of Milan and usurped (love that word) by his bruv, Antonio. End of and Huge Tempest facts up.x

THANKS Wonka you all say to me, all in full understanding of the story now. No one in the real world understands this story because it is about enchantment and slavery!  We love it.x

There we are!!! a few choice quotes from WillyamShakespeare!! do you have a fave quote Wonka you all pester me like mad to know?  From Hamlet you know:
"The cat will mew, the dog will have its day."
Just been poking around and lost all of this good diary.  I did a big MEW about it and I'm alright now. Owner says to take it in my stride.  End of.X
In other exciting news it is St George's day. AND little prince William only went and met Barack Obama and Michelle.  he sat on his rocking horse too.... which was their present to him.  We especially love a rocking horse and Neddy is in all our #joeschristmas stories folks....X
Before this page went and vanished into wherever the good diary pages go to, I was telling you all about last night on the telly.  and tonight on the telly AND the snooker. WAS IT INTERESTING Wonka you all shout at me, fed up now with all this losing stuff.  some of it was.  Feelan, in good Corrie is back on with all his nasty scheming ways with only Saint TODD to see through him and Sofee is suffering from unrequited love (shakespeare invented it.x) for thingy.  In Enders Tamwan and wotsit have finished their merrygoround of are they going to Italy/the world/staying in the SQUARE and heaving off out of it. I know.X
Today, I am looking forward to a 'little sleep' to round off my day once Owner packs off out of it, and maybe a tiny check on Bertie who is so far back in his igloo I can barely make him out.  Ruggles is testing out the sunshine and will hurl himself back in if the temp drops.  end of and Ruggles fact up!.  Do enjoy this glorious day folks and parting is such sweet sorrow SO Big love from ME Wonka, until tomorrow!! X