Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What Is Love?

Blimey Wonka! That's a bit deep you folks all tell me up!!

Love in any language across this good world (Amour, Lyublyu, Liebe, and ..............Amor) means............YES WONKA?? are now all very interested and hanging on my every word up.  This question folks, was the very topic Owner was faced with, when she covered her first lesson on Mundee.  with some Year 10s. yes.  BUT you remember she came home in one shred?  This is because the students actually came up with some really good answers. What is Owner's answer you all want to know..............this cartoon is one of the answers folks.
Yes! There we are!  you know Owner is very prone to that thing called Love At First Sight....and it can be applied to anything folks, alive dead animal veg or min.  in this instance, it was a baby pink mac by John Rocha.  We love John R, he is right on, ver fashionable and ALL his clothes are expensive (Tick. only for clothes you understand.) finished properly (Tick.x) suit Owner (giant massive Tick.x).  The time to watch out for is if Owner falls in love with a kitten (conversations part six tells of this story....x) OR for a real live human being.  Then we are IN FOR IT.X
What, I says to Owner, was the best answer from those good - ish year 10s.  'You only know what love is when you lose it' - (like this one) 'Love is loving doing something' (Owner liked this one the best as she loves writing...x) and Love is a chemical reaction in the brain!! OOHH. Me? thanks for asking, I think Love is when I hear the car with no name pull up (sharply) in the good street outside and I watch out the window for my bestest Owner in the whole and entire world alright this town then, to totter over, laden down with essentials, and say HALLO PIPPIN (one of millions of nicknames.  I know.x) through the best double glazing. NO, I don't care what the neighbours are saying. End of and big Love definition up.X
In other loving news, it is a glorious day and I have urged Owner to go out in it.  Nobody wants her (for werk) and I could do with the house to myself really.  Bertie has emerged twice from his igloo since feeding time, and laid in the cat litter tray for what seemed liked hours.  LEAVE HIM! shouted Owner at me - I was simply looking at him from the comfort of my Zen box folks! Ruggles has been out AND played with the two tinkly balls that are hiding in the kitchen.  he is good at batting them and made Owner laugh. NO I am not jealous not a bit of it why would I be, NO.x
Tonight, it is good masterchef and good Corrie with Nick going funny in the head.  Carling brown eyebrows hasn't noticed as yet and we wonder what kind of a partner she will be or is even. In Enders it was the usual merryground of Tam thingy going to Italy with his ex girlfriend, then the World, then stopping at home with his Dad who thinks he is over the hill at 54. (I did shout at the telly, Owner thinks you are OK....x).  Tomorrow our good Queenie hits 90 and there will be massive celebrations and such like.  Watch out for our dedications folks it is not everyday it happens!!  Big Love Wonka X