Saturday, 28 May 2016

A little more conversation!

Listen up folks, in our neck of the woods it is a Bank Hol Weekend, and that means more funny stuff on the good radio and tv, more chill weather and possibly a good soaking AND time for Owner to realise we are still poverty stricken and why are we bothering!X BUT before she can descend to the lowest mood setting there is this folks:
There we are! yes that is me proudly sat up to the table folks for part three conversations...........Owner is still on the road to recovery and I am a huge help, along with the ancient Greeks (I know.x) and a glimmer of Life Planning.  it will all make sense once you read it and herewith and hitherto is the good link up:
Goodness knows we are worth it.................X
In the rest of today's news. Owner's hair has gone right - ish.  At least I have not heard one word about it for a full ten mins!  I blame on the small lay in I allowed her to have after jogging round the bed (It's my circuit folks.X) for around 15 mins early doors.  That was after I checked out Bertie and made him hiss and growl (Owner slept through that one....x) - yes I wouldn't say she sprang out of bed but I am optimistic folks yes I am. X
Tonight is the show down and finally final of Brits got some talent except it hasn't got our faves that was the presentations school choir AND Christian Lee. We will have to root for an underdog and NO it mustn't be the performing mutt what did make the finally final. Hopefully there will be helping of Casualtee to cheer Owner up as Connie has gone really horrid and we are not keen on the new nursey or doctor or wotnot.  Do all of you enjoy your day and don't worry about us being poverty stricken as we are all used to it.  Yogi has called in for some food and Owner thinks now that he or she is starving and we must feed it.  Ruggles is not keen even though he used to be in a similar position.  I ask you. X
Silly Satdees folks!! Big Love Wonka X