Friday, 27 May 2016

A Wonka for all Seasons!

would you believe it folks, it is Fridee again.  Owner says she is ready for a break and anyone would think she had been hard at it! Just a little bit of invigilating and today it was Eng Literature.  DID THEY GET ON WITH IT Owner I asked up, it being close to my lunch time.  YES MOSTLY, she tells me up and mostly they all tackled a poem by that Wilfred Owen, who wrote a good few poems about the Great War folks.  We love him.

AND, Owner is insisting on a little cartoon all about the Great War, and it is about a fictional soldier (she says he is.) called Private Peaceful.  Owner sat through a whole film about him at one of her schools. I know.
There we are!!  This is Owner's sketch from the film and in honour of all the soldiers on all sides who displayed courage beyond the call.  hankies away!!  and all because they are doing this in Eng Literature folks!  Those good students eh. We do love them.X
Now, in line with the Wonka Stories, we are now on the sixth Wonka and it is the Christmas one!! although this is now published (Wonka's Christmas Story - in the bookshop in the sky, Amazon in hardback and softback and how's your father PLUS it is fully illustrated too.x) but the original story without the good illustrations is still available and here it is:
There is it! and herewith as per is the link folks:
There really is a Wonka Story for all seasons! X
In other lesser but still really interesting news, Owner is going on about letting her hair 'grow' out and go natural.  I could place a bet right now folks on this NOT happening, but instead I have assured Owner she looks the biz.  YES, it is cuddling up to my tea time.X
Tonight we cannot snuggle up to Brits got talent it is not on there is football instead.  BUT our new fave, the school choir did not get through and we wonder who is our fave now..... it might have to be the chappie who dangles off a pole and swallows swords.  In Corrie Carling brown eyebrows has finally driven off into the twilight and Callum has been dug up.  so we are left with Enders and the continuing and exciting (who would have known Bobby would come into his own with this murderous storyline? eh? EH?) confession by Bobby who has been allowed downstairs for an awfully long time to tell it.X
Do enjoy your Fridee eve folks and more about ME, alright and Bertie Bubb who I chased round at 5 am ish this morning....and Rugglestop who had to be enticed in from the luxury shed last night and you would have thought Owner was dragging him off to somewhere nasty instead of his nice warm kitchen. Keep smiling!
Big Love Wonka X