Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Action Stations!!

NOW WHAT Wonka! you all chirp up to me full of beans now Mundee is out of the way.  Owner is taking positive action folks that is what is happening. I haven't done a list lately so here it is!!:
1.  She said to me yesterdee WONKA I MAY AS WELL CHECK FOR ANY JOBS.............. occasionally, she does a job search folks in case the perfect job is advertised and says PLEASE APPLY FOR THIS OWNER AS YOU WILL LIKE IT. IT PAYS YOU ALL YOU NEED and we will take you on tout suite.  (tick.x)

There we are!! It is like one of those recurring dreams folks!! It happens over and over.................X

2.  She did a new and FUN poster for her forthcoming life coaching sesh (owner said not to use that word it is silly but I like it, end of.x) and trotted into the venue (ooer!) and had it changed by a nice young man who unpinned the one that no one would notice if it was the only poster to be noticed, and popped the GOOD ONE back on.(huge tick.x)

3.  She has only mentioned owing millions of pounds alright a few and how will it ever be repaid once or twice folks.  The credit card is holding up nicely and cannot be blamed.  She did tell of a well used saying: GET EVEN DIE IN DEBT and used to have this on a badge or a postcard.  How about, I says to her, just getting even and missing off the dying bit? but she didn't hear me above applying for that perfect job.  YES, there was a half decent job and she is to register with the Agency.  DID YOU SAY AGENCY Wonka? you all say fairly worried as agencies can be worrying.  It is alright though as Owner is known to them!! ( I know.X)

Who knows folks, it might keep us in best biscuits eh.  WHEN IS THE INTERVIEW Wonka? it is not an interview or Owner will stand no chance of getting it!! it is to register. AT EASE Folks!! And blow me down the stairs, if she didn't get a shout for work from the current best agency for the same day.  She is to invigilate in the morning and register in the afternoon!! I do like to see Owner busy folks, as it saves her from a full on worry wart sesh!!X

Guess what?  NO that is not it, in Enders, Peggee Mitchell has come back to SORT IT or die in debt one of those.  Fil and his bruv who has not been in Enders for many a long year, Grant, will have their work cut out sorting it back!  Owner says she may watch it as long as Roxy, Foxy and whoever that new and strange man is doesn't get on her nerve.  There is Crème de la Crème to save us and our new fave Benoit.  he is French and we love him.X

Bertie has had a dreamie biscuit to make him happy as if his days aren't full of happiness already, and I was told off for looking at him. I mean.  Ruggles played nicely out back with a dead plant for a while throwing it up and down, and then did a nice bunt (it is called that folks when we rub ourselves against things.  I do it all the time indoors, mostly against the good sideboard or trunk.  Scratching is a different thing and I mustn't,says Owner.X) - he did a nice bunt up against Baba's Buddleia before retiring to the luxury shed.  Today is hairdo day for Owner, and I tend to keep a low profile until Owner says how much she likes it...............X

Have a splendid bunting day yourselves folks! and be active stations! Big Love Wonka !X