Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Baba too!

Howdy up folks from a very soggy seaside.  YES it is the usual run up to a Bank Holiday weekend folks.  Freezing, raining, windblown and grey skies! We love it. Especially when I'm tucked up in my amaZEN box pressed up to a searing hot rad.  End of and hot fact up.X

Today, we bring you Wonka again and Baba too.X
There we are! and hereto and hitherto and up above is the good link!  For those of you who have never in their life heard of Baba, he was the first cat (after MOI) to move inside from the outside.  he used to bleat like a sheep hence his name, and he would make the loudest noise of all when Owner was on the phone.  He was tatty, he had funny teef, his digestion system defied all known brands of cat food and we loved him.  A lot.  He is now in a little wooden box with lilies on the top, on the shelf in the luxury shed and of course Rugglestop nests in there to keep him company.X
In other less riveting news, Owner staggered in soaked to the skin having made a visit to the shops after her stint at the Skool. IT MAY AS WELL BE JANUARY she moaned up and I did take a small interest it being close to my tea time.  Ruggles darted in from said shed (OOH a bit of alliteration I am proud.x) and Bertie Bubb is only a matter of centimetres from his dish of biscuits anyway.X
Tonight is like groundhog day as we cling to Corrie and the end of any nuptials for Carling brown eyebrows and crazed Nick.  he kept going on about tell me red is black or white is red or someat.  Obviously Carling didn't pass the test and the wedding was ORF.  Thanks mostly to evil Tracee and we cannot wait for the next episode.  do enjoy your evening folks and keep warm!  big Love Wonka X