Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bid for Property!

YES folks, Owner has only gone and placed a bid on a property.

YOU ARE g865760th in the queue, it says.

How big a chance has Owner got, you folks all ask me, concerned that Owner will never get anything or go anywhere or achieve her dreams.............. FOLKS!! WISHING WELL ALERT!!!

Did you hear the klaxon go off then??? I have popped a few pieces of silver in said well with a GIANT wish for Owner.  I think it is the bestest property so far and if anyone deserves to live in it, it is Owner.  it is in a very nice location TICK, it has gas central heating GIANT TICK (Owner cannot survive for 2 mins without heat.x) it is near her fave school MORE TICKS.  it has a garden OOOHHH and pets are allowed - that means ME, Bubbster and Rugglesis can all live happily ever after............ XXXX
There it is folks and as you recall it lives in the Narnia cupboard on a high shelf.  AND it is overflowing with good wishes too. Do they all come true though Wonka, you all wonder up?? Yes, folks, every last one.  Not always in the size and shape you ordered up but, I am still in a good supply of best biscuits, I could have two friends if I was a mite friendlier and Owner is not short of hours on her zero hour contract.  That Well folks, is on the money!!X
Here we are folks, the link to our new Duffel Story:  it is free like all the others, and we specially love it!! X
Last night we snuggled up to all the soaps and it is all weddings - Staycee married Marrtin and Shazzer is back with Fil OH and evil Bobbee struck his 'Mum' (YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MUM!) with a hockey stick.  All because he cannot go back to his fave posh skool.Yes.  Over in Corrie - evil Jennee is busy weaving her wicked spells but who will notice?? We think Sophee might and Sally councillor has never been keen. tonight it is all back to Brits got loadsa talent and I am hoping for a bout of Casualtee to settle Owner's nerves.  Any talk of moving is unsettling folks and I am ready with advice of course I am.  Just because it scores highly on all the mood settings...................X
Do have marvellous Satdees folks, and no sudden moves!! big Love Wonka X