Monday, 9 May 2016

Cherry Blossom Time!

Where have I heard that before, droned Owner to me, when I announced the name of this good diary entry. (all else call it a BLOG. I am an old-fashioned cat though.end of.X)

IS IT FROM A SONG Owner? I kindly replied as she is at a loose end OR the scrap heap. NOT A SONG Wonka, she goes back...IS IT A FILM then, I continued only slightly losing patience now........

I THINK IT IS FROM A BOOK she finally told me.  OH I says.

And folks, it is from good Mary Poppins who as all know went to look after the children Jane and Michael Banks and the twins. Who all lived at no 17 Cherry Tree Ave. ah......any moment now Owner will break into song, or maybe a small tapdance......X

There we are!!  that is our good Cherry Tree coming up with a little bit of white blossom minute it looked like a bunch of twigs and the next it sprouted a load of shoots, then leaves and now blossom!!! and it stands guard over the kennel that no one not even Rugglesis is sitting in.  I ask you.X
What else is there to talk about Wonka? you all wonder up it being the start of a new week and all.  Owner has even come out of her anxiety ridden mood setting over the horrid accounts. NOW she is on an anxiety setting about her forthcoming venture this Satdee. and that folks is her free life coaching session.  YES, she has a pack thingy wotsit YES she has a room booked YES she is taking sweets.  But here's the thing folks - she went into the venue the other day and said (I am quoting.x) Wonka, I would have walked straight past my advert it is silly and non consequential (need a lie down after that word up folks!x).

The answer folks is this:  Owner I says, you must DO A BETTER ADVERT and be quick about it.  I have set her the task with some new coloured paper to make her advert STAND OUT and best to mention things like it is FREE and FUN at the start. With another big mention for REFRESHMENTS.  don't mention work or having to think Owner, I begged her.  I did.  You all know folks, how NO ONE wants to do any work these days, or make any effort to get anything.... it must seem Owner, I finally advised, like a doddle.
(like that word and may use again.x) end of Life coaching sermon.for now.X
In other lesser news, we hugged up to the Durrells and it was the last one BUT it is coming back unlike our other big fave of the year Dickensian, which isn't.  Tonight it is double corrie with nasty Feelan fooling everyone except Saint Todd who is just looking out for his Bruv.  We wish Carling brown eyebrows would hurry up and be this good wifey to Nick but we know that cannot be...IF Owner wants to let off steam I may suggest 5 mins of Enders.  JUST 5 mins, as the sight of Roxy and foxy those sisterly sisters was enough to send the mood setting twice round folks!X
Ruggles has snugged in his new second home the luxury shed and Bertie is deep in his igloo. ME? thanks for asking, I had to nip upstairs earlier as the monster was plugged in down below.  How inconsiderate Owner I said but she couldn't hear me above dragging the monster back and forth. do have a chipper start to your Mundee folks and keep smiling in the face of!  big Love Wonka X