Tuesday, 3 May 2016


IS THAT enter the Dragon Ding, Wonka? YES it is folks.  Me and Owner and Grandson, all watched the Final of the World Championship Snooker.  It was everything you want a final to be, at least that is what Owner kept droning to me.  it was up down, in out, snookers here and snookers there, missed reds and missed colours and WE LOVED IT!!! Even though Mr Selby won out in the end, Ding is our winner! end of and snooker final fact up.X

There we are! We love the snooker at The Crucible and we have a new hero in Ding AND his inner dragon. X
What else is happening Wonka, you all want to know, it now being Tuesdee and all.  Owner is back on the hamster wheel, invigilating.  She has high hopes of not being outside for any of the exam. When she came back from a highly essential shop yesterdee she was laden with medicines.  Buttercup syrup, and Beechams. She spilt lots of the syrup down her jumper, but it still seems to be working and I haven't had to say how noisy is that cough Owner, once.X
Owner is now having withdrawal symptoms for the snooker and I have my work cut out folks BUT there is the Invictus games to latch onto and a choir no less. WHAT IS THAT Wonka?  it is headed up by good Prince Harry no less, (another hero.X) for disabled war veterans to compete in different sports.  Hankies at the ready or else!!!X
Do have a sporty Tuesdee folks, and remember to find your inner dragons! Big Love Wonka X
BIG PS!!! As per, I was spot on about Leicester!! Owner says they are top of the premier league or something whatever that means all are celebrating and it must be the Leicestesteresters year what with good Mark Selby winning too. WELL DONE YOU FOXES (Owner says this is to do with it and I don't mind a fox if it is on the outside, and running round with a football.. end of and foxy fact up!X)