Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Duffel Stories!

HURRAH! you all shout up to me!  IS THIS STORY ready??

Owner says it will go onto Smashwords.com today!

Wonka presents! Duffel and The Inheritance

and it will be the 22nd YES SIREE the 22nd story we have popped on there for you all to enjoy for free folks!! XX

There we are!  That is when Owner's Dad used to tell her and her bruv the Duffel stories!  And now Owner tells them, with a LOT of help from me folks................X
The latest Duffel story introduces a new and special creature, who Owner reports, turned up in the story unexpectedly.  WHAT DID SHE MEAN Wonka? you all ponder and wonder up......... Owner was writing away quite merrily and happily with me saying things like 'Get a move on Owner!' and 'I like that bit!' - yes, and suddenly this new character appears in the story just when you thought you knew what was to happen!  We love it and wait til you find out who it is!!XX
That is our BIG news for today folks, and just a small mention of Owner's hair which thanks to a million different hair products has finally gone righter than right. (I can relax now folks............X).  another small mention of our good and bestest agency which has secured (like that word up.x) more work for Owner despite our poor write up yesterdee......... and FINALLY we are back in love with Enders and Peggee GET OUTTA MA PUB Mitchell.  We have decided to cling onto for it for the entire week eVEN if Roxy and Foxy are in it, and Staycee too. DO DO DODODOOOOO!!X
Have a fantastic Duffel Story day! Big Love Wonka XX