Saturday, 14 May 2016


At last!!! a whole night devoted to a load of songs from around the globe but called Europe!! ARE YOU WATCHING IT ALL Wonka? you all say to me full of wonder if I am.  It all depends on Owner as you know, she is very flighty when it comes to Satdee night viewing......... I'M GOING TO TRY IT she tells me up, and watch a bit of Brits got tons of talent too.  We sort of like the UK entry and have no idea what anyone else is singing.  SOME say that good ol Russia is fave - we cannot possibly agree or disagree as we have not heard it.  Good Luck to ALL!! X
There we are!  This was the year good Conchita won!! Owner cannot recall who won it last year and I said I would find out for all the folk who are hanging off their settees longing to know. IT WAS SWEDEN you silly billy Owner, and that Rusky song was second.X
The other burning question is did Owner capture any unsuspecting folks for her life coaching sesh and she says NON!  But she has remained very positive and keeps saying things like (quote):
I CAN LEARN from this Wonka AND I REALLY LIKED THE VENUE and IT HAS GIVEN ME CONFIDENCE Wonka.  I nearly said I told you so Owner (about the poor advert) but saved myself just in time as I had NOT had any teatime.XX
Ruggles seems to have recovered from his episode yesterdee when he coughed up his entire food rations for the day.  POOR RUG, said Owner which I thought was very generous of her.  Bertie has been out and about, stepping at least 3 yards from his igloo.  ME? thanks for asking, I have enjoyed a few well earned zzzzzzzz in my box, a touch of leaping up onto the windysill out front and out back and the usual checking in between.  We are all set for a quiet evening and I am hoping that Owner's mood remains steady as you go!  do enjoy your Eurovision folks and spare a little thought for Jack and Jill or whatever the names of our entry is!!
big Love Wonka X