Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ginger Tom

Who is that Wonka? this ginger tom...........
he is the star of my new spooky tale - which Owner can devote all her best time to, now that #Duffel is completed! and uploaded!

when she fell back through the good front door yesterdee laden with essentials (sacks of concrete I mean cat litter and boxes of best pouches.x) she reported up 'A FIND.'  What you meaning Owner I says back fully interested it being smack on tea time.

This, she says to me, and shows me a small but perfect stripey cat.
It is a pottery cat and I immediately loved it.  It will never get under my feet OR use the facilities OR eat my best biscuits:
There he is! And he is to live on the table UNLESS he tells us he wants to move elsewhere.  he has beauty green eyes, and Owner fell under his spell the minute she saw him, in the charity shop.  He was in the window and waited til Owner had debated whether or not to buy him (this took a matter of seconds,X) - then he was purchased and popped into Owner's pink work bag. end of and ginger tom fact up.X
He could be the luckiest ginger tom in the world alright our street I says to Owner.  He is enchanting, she replied.  And I do wonder folks, if he is....................X
As soon as Duffel and The Inheritance has finished converting itself into a PREMIUM online read, I will pop the link on here folks - but there is nothing DE RIEN to stop you from calling into and seeking it out.  It is a 'Wonka Story' (of course) and is another Wonka Presents! (oh yes and Owner's good name will be on it..............Madeleine Masterson.X)  As I say, if Owner gets a move on, there will more stories to read later in the year and if Austin Macauley (bestest publishers) get a move on there will be An Egyptian Tale out in print!!!X
Owner has talked of being exhausted but really folks I do wonder how because each time I turn round she is resting between jobs!!  Alright she has been hard at it invigilating those eager beavers with their exams this week and is up for some more in the morning.  I gave myself a pat on the back for NOT causing a disturbance in the night with Bertie Bubb, though Owner thinks she just slept through it.  I mean.X
Last night we had our hankies out for Peggee who took a few tablets to end her misery and got OUTTA HER PUB!  In Corrie we had a rest from Feelan and now it is vicar Billy who has a shady secret. We still love Todd, he is our hero and detective PLUS sells a good bunch of flowers.  Do enjoy your Wednesdee folks, we are half way through and listen to this! We have heard mention of a celebrity masterchef with beloved Gleb from Rusky Russia in it!! Or cup overfloweth! See you soon, Big Love Wonka X