Wednesday, 11 May 2016


HALLOAH UP FOLKS now we are half way through this good week without OVERMUCH in it. 

BUT it is fair to note that somethings are repeating.LIKE WHAT Wonka? you all want to know as you think you are going round in circles.  First groundhog day thingy wotsit, is that the broken lock in the side gate has been fixed (again) and a new key is to be issued (again) and when the red van man (who fixed it) knocked on the door, Owner was busy on the phone to Inland Revenue (again).X
There we are!  That is our bestest household all muddling along in the same old dysfunctional way!X

WHAT ELSE IS repeating then you all wonder up?  Owner has spent a morning invigilating ANOTHER English exam.  This is a long exam for the students and even longer for the invigilators.X

And the third groundhog wotist, is that Owner had her hair done yesterdee by our fave hairdresser and was down the shops this aft, buying a different colour to swamp the first one with!!! I THOUGHT I LIKED IT Wonka, she went to me after she flung off to the chemist and back in what seemed like the speed of light. This folks is a rerun of our lives.....caught in an endless loop of work an taxes and locks and hair.  End of and groundhog fact up!X

In other lesser news, Owner is now happy with her current hair colour, that is, as of this minute.  She is due to set off to yet another interview (again) with another agency (again) for more interesting and well paid work (again)  you cannot accuse Owner of giving up, except if you are Me!! only joking!!!x

Finally, and AT LAST, she is nearing the end of our next Duffel and Sam story.  It is fun packed and full of exciting illustrations and if Owner gets on with it, might be on at the end of this week.  I know!!xx

Last night, due to Owner being dyed all the colours except the one she likes, we missed Enders.  This might be the one saving grace eh folks. Tonight we must cling to Corrie and The Invictus Games (hallo Americy!!x) (hallo everyone else!!x) and then go exhausted to our pits.  last night for some odd reason I decided to have a spat with Bertie in the deep of the night.  YES, I was told off but luckily Owner fell straight back into her anxiety ridden dreams!!X

Do enjoy your mid week Groundhog days folks, and if it has to be repeated make it bigger and better this time round! On your Whiskers!! Big Love Wonka X