Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hidey Places

In a miaow, YES IT HAS.

If Owner had a box like mine, or a shed like Rugglesis, or an Igloo like Bertie's - Folks, she would have been in it.  And not come out.

Any phone calls to do with money folks, I head straight for upstairs and under the bed land.  When I hear talking in a cutthroat serious way, that is my starter for ten.  WHO WAS IT Wonka you all say in fear and dread.... it was a very silly person telling Owner she had made a financial mistake.  Any fool knows that Owner lays awake half the night afeared of this AND NEVER makes a mistake. end of first horrid call.X
There we are!! Good Ruggles can sense a stranger OR familiar person a mile off, and heads straight for his bolt hole.  The box in the luxury shed.  Here he is looking at Owner through the little plastic window.  And right next to him, is Baba's best ashes.  We love them!X
Did the day improve any?  You are all desperate to know.  parts of it shone folks.  For Instance, if you ever want help with bikes or parts of bikes, or stuff for cars or things that simply look mechanical GO TO HALFORDS.  Owner and Grandson popped in there and found a very nice sales assistant.  he nearly made up for all the financial mistakes stacking up today.  YES there was another explosion when Owner came across her payslip.  I THINK NOT she shouts up!!  I've been upstairs, in my box and all round folks!!X
After all of this frantic merrygoround that we are blaming full on Mercury in Retrograde folks, we need a very quiet night.  We can cling to Mastercheffing and Owner thinks they may be in Mexico City.  I am pleased as this may calm Owner down from around 8 or 9 on the mood setting which is far too high for my liking.  There is Corrie but Mad brain damaged Nick is going over the edge and Carling brown eyebrows is only just figuring this out?  What planet is she on (Owner will shout at the telly).... OH HECK!!! Can you hear an alarm going off, and one of those countdown buzzers?? Enders is on for a full hour.  Surely Owner can let off some steam there I must dash, as listen up folks!!  I sat and looked at Rugglesis for a full minute without getting a claw up, or bristling.  And Ruggles stared back at me all benign. (good use of word.X)  I am full of love today, to make up for Owner's mood setting! Do go on to have a restful and kind to yourself day folks or what is left of it! Big Love Wonka X