Monday, 30 May 2016

Just Wonka!

Howdyup folks! and I do hope you have had a nice snooze ridden Mundee!  Right here in our tiny little sunnyish spot, it is a Bank Holidee Mundee and this means....................(small roll on the drums.x) films like 'White Christmas' and 'Quo Vadis' will be showing.  Yes.

DID YOU WATCH ONE OF THEM Wonka? you are all desperate to know.  We tried to watch Quo Vadis but it was 5 mins to the end and then we watched practically all of White Christmas which Owner reports she has never, JAMAIS seen before, not even at Christmas.  End of and Bank Holidee fact up.X

and how is this for synchronicity folks, Eggheads has just had a question on said film.  HOW WIERD IS THAT droned Owner to me.  I know.X

There we are!  It is Book 9 in the Wonka Stories!! and it does continue on with the sorry state of Owner's life and how I manage to cope with it. and here with and without further ado is the good link to it:

Listen up to this folks! Today, Owner read an entire article in the Satdee review all about PLOT.  yes.  it turns out that some stories have a plot and stick to it and some just wander here and there picking up characters and storylines willy nilly (I like that expression and I might use it more often.X). FOR INSTANCE Wonka? you all shout at me wanting a real live example.  Owner says that the 'Conversations with Wonka' are without a plot whilst Wonka's Christmas Story, Wonka's Easter Story are with one.  And folks, I am for once in full agreement with Owner.  The new story, The Egyptian Tale has a plot too - as you will see when it is published!  very very exciting and we wish the good publishers would hurry it along!!X

There is hardly anything else to report not even Yogi turning up to pinch Rugglesis food.  Ruggle did refuse to come out of his box on the shelf in the luxury shed last night and Owner had to use every tactic going.  DID THIS MEAN GRABBING HIM QUICKLY BEFORE HE COULD NIP OWNER AND THEN HOLDING HIM TIGHT WHILST HE STRUGGLED AS IF BEING TAKEN SOMEWHERE HORRID?  all of that folks and more.  Owner needed a strong cup of tea once back in the warm harbour of the kitchen and Ruggles settled immediately on his heated pad.  I ask you.X

Bertie has been out once or twice to use the facilities and nibble his biscuits.  I did leave him a couple. ME? thanks for asking, mostly having a few well earned zzzzzz and getting ready for the back to back soaps this eve.  Staycee seemed to win all the awards in the soap award thingy last night and some of the actors had frozen smiles on their faces according to Owner who was busy shouting things like NOT AGAIN, and NOT HER AGAIN at the telly.  Do go on to enjoy your eve folks and remember it is a FOUR day week now!! big Love Wonka X