Sunday, 1 May 2016

More about ME

OOOHH! you are all wondering up, what I am going to say.......
Just a little reminder folks, A TIMELY reminder folks, that if it wasn't for me, WONKA, a few things might not have happened in Owner's world.

LIKE WHAT Wonka? you all shout at me wide awake on your Sundees, all over the world.

LIKE: all the Wonka stories for a start off.  But for me, there would be no Conversations with Wonka, no Halloween story, no Christmas Story - you get the picture.  AND, but for me, there would be no Baba (I did invite him in, I DIDx), no Bertie bubb, no paw under the door with Ruggles, and no story about the beloved Tinkers and her kits.XX

Can we see a picture of at least one of these things Wonka? you all shout at me to know.  When I have finished fooling around with these silly buttons that PRESS THEMSELVES without me saying!!
There we are!! that is me and Baba.x  He lived with us for a tiny spell until he decided it was time to go off to the sanctuary in the sky with St Francis.  And his little resting place is in the luxury shed by the window, BUT Owner has a special Buddliea that grew and grew just when he popped off, and it is his tree. (and where little tiny Mouse is buried folks....x) Hankies away!!.
More reasons that Owner must be thankful for my very existence: why else would she leap out of bed every morning without my help? a little dab with the claw, a little pounce on her feet as a gently reminder that I am starving OH ALRIGHT and Bertie and Rug.  Also, I am a good friend to grandson.  Bertie ran into his igloo, and Rug into the shed.  But me?  not afraid of anyone, not a bit of it!  except the window cleaner, the postman, anyone that knocks on the door, those pesky Vikings..................X
Last night we clung to the snooker and FU put up a massive fight plus the tip on his cue stayed on!  Owner thinks it may be the same glue that made do and mended her earring.  End of and GLUE fact up.  Today, I can look forward to a lot of peace and quiet once Owner drives off with grandson for more supplies.  As predicted there is no food left in the fridge.x
The grand finale of the snook is due to start with Ding the dragon v Selby the jester PLUS there is silly old footie game with Leicester v Man U.  Even Owner has heard of this game, and said good luck to Leicester.  I may pop a coin in the wishing well..........but Leicester seems to be on the up.  WILL THEY WIN Wonka? you all press me to predict.  Answer?  YES THEY WILL!!x
Do go on to have a winning day yourselves folks, and pick your sport! My main sport is chasing Bertie....NO! only joking! I have a ball to bash round the circuit PLUS corks and tinkly balls.  Fit as a flea me, now I must dash as time for a check out back...Until Mundee big Love Wonka X