Thursday, 26 May 2016

More conversations!

IT SOUNDS LIKE AN ELVIS song gone wrong says Owner..... I know, I said what you meaning Owner too!! Then folks, does she start singing 'a little less conversation a little more action' to me.  Of course since then we both have it on our brain cells going round and round.............BUT the point is folks it is the fifth in the Wonka series:
There we are!! That is me at the bottom and that is good Baba at the top.  He was a bit tatty and smelly, so we loved him lots; as usual this story tracks the downhill spiral of Owner and how I made it all bearable - ish.  That and a few cups of strong tea and a boxset.  and sweets and that toffy popcorn. MMMMM.  Anyhow folks, herewith and without further ado is the good link:
In other fairly interesting news, the fridge door opened itself in the night due to a bulging ice box.  I know, that is what I thought.  Owner will not go and buy a new one NOT WONKA whilst this one is still going strong she tells me up.  But folks, when she has to bash the overlapping ice with a rolling pin to allow the icebox door to shut so that the fridge door will shut and ALL OUR FOOD WILL NOT SPOIL, well does she consider a new fridge then? eh? EH?? To round this saga off, and it all took place this morning like all things do when there is no time to fix things or take time out to smash ice with a rolling pin..........then folks, did the little lamp inside give up.  So then it was a pitch black fridge that would not shut.  I mean.X
Tonight there is more drama in Corrie now that Tyrone has driven a truck into Gail's best bedsit....SO WHAT WONKA? you all rightly say to me.  I'LL TELL YOU SO WHAT folks - it means that murdered Callum, buried under the concrete of the said bedsit is now revealed!!!NOW you are all listening up!!  Carling brown eyebrows has caused an accident to Roy's best friend and will he ever forgive her, we think not.  then it is the finally final of the semi finals to Brits got a bit of talent.Our fave Christian Lee DID NOT GET THROUGH by the way, so we need a new fave.  Tomorro is Fridee and Owner is slaving away for the morning, then folks she can get round to seeing to ME, Bubster and Rug - it's been tough snuggling in my amaZEN box waiting for her to fall back in each day but I've done it.X
Do enjoy your eve, and if you can bear the story of Roxie and Foxy and her drugged up mischief then you can watch Enders....I may let Owner watch 5 mins.  Big Love Wonka X