Monday, 23 May 2016

More Wonka!

me again folks!! and yes, we are now on the second in the conversations series EVEN THOUGH it is not called conversations it is..........You'll see once you read them AND they are all about Owner - Me? I just dish out plenty of advice and am mostly ignored....X
There we are! More Wonka indeed.  and here it is on our very best link:
Exciting or what!!  X
In other less riveting news, Owner has been hard at it all day what with invigilating (eng Lit folks - ver ver important.x) then a tad of shopping (also ver important.x) the usual housework and clearing up after ME, Bertie and Rugglestop and then she says she might sit down?? I mean! X
Tonight we continue to cuddle up to Brits got massive talent and our new fave is Christian something.  He is funny and does a spot of magic as well.  Can he win it though?  he might do now that Owner has gone to the trouble of downloading (I know.  Ver proud of her.x) the APP. We have moved into the 21st Century in one swipe on the old tablet folks!! Alongside this, there is Corrie and the marriage that surely must go bad PLUS a hint of buried bodies! OOOHHHH!!! Do enjoy your little selves folks and I will tune in tomorrow! Big Love Wonka X