Saturday, 7 May 2016

Ping Moments!

Sometimes folks, when you are grappling or wrestling OR struggling with a problem, you suddenly go PING!! and there is a new way of looking at it.  Owner thinks that in some other deep down layer, the problem is being sorted out, and then, like a creature coming up to the surface from the sea bed, it surfaces as
THE ANSWER. Blimey Owner, I said, have you been reading your C G Jung books again............x
There we are!!  Going round and round with her £s prob, Owner suddenly reckoned on an answer.  BUT WAS IT? you all shout up hale and hearty now it is the good weekend.  Actually folks, it wasn't!! but is just shows you how given a little problem, the mind will do a pretty good search for the answer.  The thing is, once Owner thought she had the answer, it helped her sort it out. SHOULD YOU BE A FULL-TIME ADVISER Wonka? you all say full of wonder at my insights.  Between looking after Owner, checking on Bertie and keeping a good eye on Ruggles, there isn't time folks, but thanks for your big vote in my favour!!XX
In other lesser news, yesterdee was a half decent day, with Owner returning from all her financial wrestling with some real chick (sorry chick!x).  Me?  thanks for asking, I can take it or leave it and have been known to prefer pretend 'good as it seems' chick.  Ruggles though can be enticed in from the luxury shed at the slightest snipping and slicing sounds from Owner cutting up said real chick.  Jealous? Me?  not one furry bit of it!!  And Bertie as you know is constantly on the look out for food and doesn't need any encouragement.  IS HE LOSING ANY WEIGHT Wonka? NO. De Rien.  Nimic. X
Our fave Jane, is the new Masterchef Champ, and they all gave each other a giant hug (Jack and Billy.x) it was brill. Tonight we must sit through more lots of talent with Brits got Talent, and then Casualtee.  There is a new consultant it says in the good write up, and we can only hope that Connie gets on with her or him. And that nurse who is getting on Owner's nerve doesn't have a big storyline this week...........X
Do go off out there in the sunnyshine and freshen up your fur folks! Until later, Big Love Wonka X