Thursday, 19 May 2016


Only by accident folks, so it doesn't really count.  For years now, alright months, Owner has avoided every single pop up on her screen about Windows 10.  NO I DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE she goes and dabs quickly at the NOT NOW, or NEVER AGAIN button;  for some reason, yesterdee morn did she see yet another message about YOUR UPGRADE IS SCHEDULED FOR......and it would take 90 minutes YES 90 mins of Owner's best time.  and because she did not say NO - it only went and did it!!!
There we are!! Owner had to go off to do her invigilating and I watched the screen as it said this and said that AND asked you to press this and OK the other.  Look Owner, I says to her, when she flung back in, desperate to see if all our best files had been sucked into a black hole.  BUT NO.  Aside from having to remember a million different passwords never mind her own name - all was well!  Do we like Windows 10 folks?  We cannot know there was any change except for the better.  DOES OWNER recommend trying it Wonka?  YES but don't blame her if you don't hug up to it, like we did!! X
Apart from this giant step for an Owner to make, she reports feeling 'flat' and 'fed up.'  How this has come about when she has ME, bertie bubb and Rugglestop to cheer her on I don't know.  YOU NEED a holiday I says to her.  She has a good BIG birfdee celebration to attend in August so I really don't know why she is complaining.  She always goes a bit funny at this time of year folks and we mustn't forget Mercury, Owner's ruling planet is still travelling backwards until May 22 - what excuse she can use after Sundee I cannot say folks.............. end of and mood setting facts up!!X
Last night we were glued to Corrie and good Billy boy vicar has revealed what we knew all along, that the good for nothing, sly looking wastrel is his Bruv.  Called Leigh or Lee and guess who found all this out?  YES! it was our new detective on the street, Mc Todd! We love him.  And luckily, to cheer Owner up, there is a dose of Corrie on tonight alongside Enders.  The last clip we spied from Enders had little Bobby freshly back from his private skool and wielding a hockey stick behind his Mum....X
Now do go on to enjoy your Thursdee folks wherever you are in your day.  It is warmish, cloudyish and alrightish here.  Big Love Wonka X