Thursday, 5 May 2016

Voting Day

Owner is preparing to vote folks.  NOT ONLY is she voting for herself, but she is voting on behalf of aged parent.

DOES AGED PARENT KNOW Wonka? you all shout up and ask me?  Although Owner has discussed this several times, she may have to go over it again......last time Owner visited they had a long discussion about the state of politics in general....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!!!  I am only glad I wasn't there at the time I said when she told  me.  What did you find to say about it Owner, I says up, it being close to one of my snack times...... I SAID THERE IS A BIG GAP BETWEEN the ordinary citizen and the GOVERNMENT Wonka, she droned back to me.  End of and political fact up.X

There we are!!  That is Owner taking the horrid phone call about the thousands of £s she is sposed to owe when she doesn't. WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH voting Wonka? you all pester me to know.  DE RIEN folks, but it is everything to do with standing up for your rights and hugging your ground. When the going gets tough, Owner gets going!!!X

In other political and voting news, all are busy stuffing leaflets through our best front door to entice us to vote for them. personally I find this unnerving and usually rush upstairs in case they are the Viking Party, or worse, those pesky Celts.  Not to mention the Anglo Saxons.  I think some of them are still about too.X

Tonight, if Owner is not on the lowest mood setting there is (Zero folks.x) I will entice her to watch The Invictus Choir with that nice Gareth Malone.  Before that is our best finalists in the world alright round here, for Mastercheffing.  Our money (perhaps best not to use that phrase what with Owner fretting night and day about it.x) is on billy boy and Jane.  We like Jack, but he is not our fave and neither is Juanita.  They were in Mexico cooking up fancy green things and brown things and wotnot, but tonight, they are all back here. (and that nice Marcus Scareing I mean Wareing is one of the judges!x)

Now do try and enjoy your beauty of a day folks, as it is glorious here, all sunnyshine and blue sky, and when I have popped a few coins in that wishing well for Owner, I KNOW, it will all come right!!  Big Love Wonka X