Sunday, 22 May 2016

Wonka Stories

Howdy up folks!  for the next few weeks Owner has MADE me alright suggested to me that we post a story a day.  As there are 22 of these NOT Counting the published one and the one to be...
I had best make a start.  It is exciting because I am going to pop a link on AND a cover photee.

IS OWNER ALRIGHT Wonka you all just have to know??  She is fine, she has nearly stopped popping different hair product on her hair she has nearly stopped thinking about moving and she is very nearly relaxing on her day off.X

First Wonka story up is:
 There we are and herewith and hitherto is the link to take you straight to our bestest and first in the series Wonka Stories!!

We could not have known at the time folks, how popular my advice would be NOR how funny I was either. It seems a long time ago now folks, but it is only four years since I urged Owner to make a start on this writing business - as for the little sketches she throws together, well I like them and I hope you do too. X

Now I must dash, as the usual checking awaits me.  Bertie Bubb has been subjected to a springclean even though it is nearly Summer (really?) and his igloo is hanging on the line.  BLIMEY said Owner when she inspected it.  Ruggles has trotted to his second home the luxury shed and is in his own snuggley box. do have a sunggley down day yourselves folks and remember there is a big dose of Brits Got a lorra talent PLUS corrie all week. We love it.  Big Love Wonka X