Sunday, 29 May 2016

Wonka Strikes again!

aha! just when you were all falling asleep and relaxing on your best settees and thinking what is on the good tv, is it just where eagles dare again.....there is a new Wonka Story alert!! and without anymore ado on this sleepy hollow sundee, here it is folks.X
There we are! the first Easter Story from me, and it introduces you all to Duffel - he is a boy who lives on Level Two, and who has a magic coat - YES it is a duffel can magic him out of any situation, well nearly every situation, and this is Duffel's first adventure, to find and bring home Sam - a dog who got left behind when his Owner moved on from earth to the next level YES level Two! We love Duffel, and he is in two more stories after this one.....X

There we are! The good link for you to find it and enjoy - and this is Book 8 in the Wonka Series. We love it!X

In other sleep ridden news, Owner has managed to write a bit more of our new and spook ridden story.  Just because it is Sundee and revving up to a bank holiday, I did say to her this is no time for slacking Owner! but I don't think she heard me above tapping away on the keyboard folks.X

We snuggled up tight to Brits got massive Talent and the Magician won it!  WELL DONE! we shouted at the screen, as he was one of our faves.  The big choir that lifted our spirits DID NOT come second, but a singer did.  And, the man who slid up and down a pole doing death defying stunts HE didn't come third.  I mean.  Tonight we might cuddle up to the soap awards and I have warned Owner that Staycee might win something for her acting out of being a crazed woman.  CAN YOU STAND IT Owner? I says up to her.  MAYBE she says back.  Now you all enjoy your sundee Eve and do as little as possible folks.....Owner is quite busy as you know seeing to ME, Bertie Bubb and Rugg - AND that Yogi has crept in and eaten up all Rugglesis left overs.X
Paws up folks! Big Love Wonka X