Saturday, 11 June 2016

Back to the Start!

Welcome folks and anyone who isn't watching wall to wall EURO footie OR trooping a colour OR having a birthdee celebration like our MAJ - could do worse than watch Titanic for the g8htskjfj th time.  Owner has it on now!! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SEEN IT Owner I said up, once I noticed it was on and thingy was getting rescued by JACK.  Millions, she droned back.  AND it is Rose NOT thingy.  End of and iceberg warning ahoy!!x

We are now back to the start with our journey through all the Wonka stories.  Stories with plots, without plots, stories for Halloween, for Christmas and Easter - there is a Wonka Story for every occasion folks.  And the very latest one, the one before our next published one, is Duffel and The Inheritance!
There we are!  The third in the #duffel series and this time set in Paris! MAIS OUI!! X
There is nothing else DE RIEN to report today folks except that the Yoga is paying off and Owner hasn't shouted once OR said anything to the car in front or behind she has been kindness itself all day long.  ME? thanks for asking, well I did have a miniscule spat with Bertie in the night but came out of it alright....just a little telling off by a grumpy Owner, I mean!! Rugglesis friend Harry keeps calling at the gate and waving up at me too - I am glaring I mean staring out back from my fave window ever watchful in case a parcel load of Vikings turn up.  So far it is just Harry and that misfit Yogi who pinches Rugglesis teatime.  I know.X
I have reminded Owner that Casualtee is still on whatever the weather and blow the time!Do enjoy your evening folks whatever you are going to do with it, have a good stretch and relax those whiskers! Big Love Wonka X