Monday, 6 June 2016

Beloved Wonka!

Just sometimes folks it is important to BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET!! What you all shout up at me, do you mean like Mohammed Ali Wonka??

YES SIREE!!  He wasn't afraid to talk himself up and neither should you!!

Owner says she must take a leaf out of his book too and stop being afraid.  AFRAID OF WHAT? you all wonder up.

EVERYTHING! or TOUT or ALLES.  mais oui and finit fact up!!X
There we are!! It is another of our fave conversations and remember folks, if you are looking for a plot ridden story YOU WILL NOT FIND IT!!! but Owner says, this is one of her faves and she has even laughed through it and re read it herself.  I ask you!!  herewith and how's your father is the good link:

WHAT ELSE can you tell us Wonka? you all whisper up it being Mundee.  There was de rien to watch last night and Owner ended up on countryfile and watching Dave the current PM cuddling a lamb, followed by Boris who is nobody (as yet.  I know.X) cuddling up to a range rover.  This sort of put a wet blanket on the eve plus she was determined to fret and worry over things that hadn't happened yet.  IF ONLY I HAD A PEPPERMINT aero she moaned to me later on.X

The good news is, today she has got one.  I have been told off for looking at Bertie and he seems as innocent as the day is long.  Ruggles is keeping a lookout for Yogi who is so sneaky he will call in when we are looking the other way.  Tonight we have the wrap around soaps and Todd is stepping up to be quite the detective AND counsellor in Corrie.  In Enders no one is stepping up to be anything but annoying and Owner is bemoaning the fact that Bobby the child hockey stick clubber over the head, is on remand.  He is missed.  Do enjoy your worry free evenings folks wherever you are spending them and try not to look too far ahead - ME? only looking as far as the back yard folks.  Big Love Wonka X