Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Bertie Bubb

WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT the Bubster you all moan to me..............and I say back in my best frenchy French:
POURQUOI PAS!! which is supposed to mean WHY NOT and if it isn't I can't help it, Owner said it was right.

This is the Bubster in his igloo with just his head poking out so he looks like a snail OR I says up to Owner, like a tortoise or a turtle.  I PREFER SNAIL she droned back to me.  End of and igloo facts up.X
There we are!  Can you see his little head poking out? eh? EH?? and that funny thing dangling on the door handle is Owner's Bagpuss rucksack.  I know. X
Owner says she is sick and tired of switching channels to avoid yet another REFERENDUM broadcast by whichever party. BUT she is especially fed up with Boris.  His name, the way he talks, what he looks like and anything else you can reckon on. ME? thanks for asking, I'd like him a lot more if he was straight talking and to the point.  I get in quite a muddle when he goes on about how many more biscuits I can have IF we leave and how my amazen box COULD be at risk if we stay.  I mean.X
Tonight we are in luck.  WHY WONKA? you all wonder up in amazement.  The yoga continues to work its magic on Owner yes alright she is still plying her hair with product and saying things like what colour is that and it always defaults to this, BUT mostly she is calm about it.  She is even calm about not having hardly any zero hours or money - I did say to her Owner do you realise we are hurtling fast towards debt and poverty strickeness(is that a word Wonka you all say but I'm having it as a word. end of.x)  but she just got on with drying her hair and may not have heard me.X
Corrie on for an hour folks!! And we are going to be brave and start the Soap ridden evening with Enders.  it promised Bobby up at court for his next bail ridden hearing or something.  we love it.X
Enjoy your eve folks and if it is your side playing in the wall to wall footie then GOOD LUCK! Big Love Wonka X