Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Best Friends Day!

NOW WHAT ARE you going on about Wonka you all MES AMIS MES AMIGO MEIN FREUNDE and amici....................need a lie down now NO IT IS FINE!!!!according to our best knowledge which you know folks is considerable, it is national best friends day and Owner has insisted YES on celebrating it.

I did say how will you celebrate it Owner when you have fallen out with every best friend you ever had but luckily she didn't hear me above droning on about SAM and DIVA dogs.  You know who they are because they are brought out of her dreams and into our stories folks..........Sam joins Duffel, and Diva has a story ALL TO HERSELF.  And seeing as how we are on with the Diva stories right now, here she is, the real angel dog that she was:
This is an old sketch (a bit like Owner! Only joking!!!X) from 2003 folks when Diva was a snippet of a puppet.  And goodness knows how she stayed still long enough for Owner to sketch her, because she was always on the move!  But in honour of best pals day, she is up there with the best..and so is beloved Sammy Dog too.X
ME?? thanks for asking, it goes without saying that I am, yes me, NUMERO UNO on Owner's best pal in the shape of a feline AT THE MO.  followed by Bertie bubb and Rugglestop.X
When it comes to humans, like I say the list has dwindled as NO ONE, or Personne, comes up to Owner's exacting standards.End of and best pal fact up.X
Tonight we are clutching onto Corrie before all that footie sees it off.  Will Todd's story of Tony the Murderer of the Street (that is Jason's Dad.  The one who died. Who Liz had a fling with.  No one had a grudge against him really.x) stand up?  or will Sarah save the day..............we absolutely love it and I am telling you folks Enders has taken a nose dive since bobby disappeared on remand.  I know.  Owner said she has tried that new Versailles on Beeb Two and reports thus:  there is too much random sex (?) random torture and death not to mention silly liaisons. I did say is that random liaisons but she was too busy going on about grand palaces and more money than sense and how mad Louis XIV was.  Sounded rather good to me but what do I know??X
Have a wonderful eve with your best pal whoever that is folks, and tomorrow can take care of itself.  Big Love Wonka X