Thursday, 16 June 2016

Big Love

Just a short and sweet little diary today folks...there was some good news on the footie front as Ingerland actually scored two goals!
And good Wales scored one.  We love both sides and not to forget how the Welsh sung their hearts out in ZULU which is Owner's top fave film of all time.  End of.X

There we are!! this little sketch of flowers by Owner is dedicated to a rather special person who we had not heard of, until now. Jo Cox
It turns out she was a special person, a MP for Labour in West Yorkshire called Jo Cox.  She has been described as a rising star and now, because someone murdered her, she is indeed in heaven. Her husband said she lived life to the full and we thank her for all she did and especially her work in parliament and to represent the people.  Owner has helped me say all of that as you will know, but the other things he said were about their children, precious and to be loved, and that all must unite against this kind of poisonous hatred. x
From ME, Bertie Bubb, Ruggles oh and Owner - Big big Love X