Saturday, 18 June 2016

Cat Napping....x

HAVE YOU DECIDED Wonka? you all whisper up it being a Satdee morning and all.  I have spent a miniscule amount of time wondering up what to do folks.  Owner thinks we should run with:

WONKA's WEEKLY.  I rather like the sound of it, and let's face it folks, if Women can have a Woman's Weekly then why not ME? eh? EH??

It could do a good round up of how starving we are week to week and also update all on Owner's mood setting, political preference (phew) and hair.  I KNOW, the hair is the most important and what will capture everyone's interest around the globe. I AM JUST LEAVING IT TODAY Wonka she droned up to me and we all know that is famous last words especially with wall to wall sport on every night. TIME for Owner to play around with hair product folks. end of and new diary taking shape fact up.X
There we are!! HOW WILL YOU EVER GET RICH Wonka!! Sleeping away the day!! but folks, as all clever people know, that is where all the best ideas come floating down from.............X
Tonight I have warned Owner to look for a good film or series or anything that is on the IPLAYER. Unless you want to watch Portugal v Austria (good luck and sorry!X) OR a film from 1996. you are snookered Owner I said.  She has already selected something pretty grim and is looking forward.  I know.X
Do enjoy your Satdee folks and take no notice of any horrid news there is too much of it.  Instead, go out, and I will allow you (and Owner) to buy a small non essential but go steady on the yumyums.  They come in packs of four. You can imagine the rest of that story folks! Big YUM Love Wonka X