Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Diva woofs it up!

Howdy up folks and it has been the hottest day so far in our little ol summertime.  Owner went out back and said I AM TOO HOT Wonka.  Even Ruggles went under the bench.  Me? thanks for asking, resting up nicely on my giant nest upstairs.  Bertie bubb? snug as a bug in his best igloo.  End of and hot facts up!!

There we are!! without further ado or any wooftering or that it is Diva!!  and there she is with her good fairy (by her ear) and her bad fairy (by her tail) - she is doubly famous because of course she was a real dog too!!  The Story is set in Glasgow and features Em (Diva's Owner) Mother (Em's Ma.x) Kimmy dog (Ma's best dog) and a few others............ YES there is a plot and YES it is a story in three wonderful parts...............we love it and hope you will too.X
In other less exciting news so why am I even mentioning it you question me up? ( I blame it on the heat folks.x) Owner raised herself up this good morn and heaved off out to invigilate for GCSE English.  HAS SHE COMPLAINED TO ANYONE today Wonka? you all burst out and say! not to my knowledge folks AND she says she hasn't said anything she shouldn't to the driver in front, behind, or cutting her up somehow.  WELL DONE Owner I says full of compliments it being a whisker away from my afternoon snack.X
Now tomorrow is all to play for and if Owner can stay steady and not rock any boats we'll be laughing.  I know.  We just have to get through a night of Enders and foxy and Roxy and that other one whatshername are dominating the storyline and that just makes Owner shout.  In Holbee Citee one of the irritating doctors is dying of cancer or something close to it and Owner is not sad she doesn't even warm to his partner in it.  BUT to lift her spirits right up to around 8 or 9 on the mood setting is IN DA CLUB.  I know.  it is a gift folks a gift. X
Now If you can vote IN or OUT or shake it all about in the EE EWE ref, you have to be registered OR you can't cast your spell I mean vote.  Owner reports two old fogeys behind her in the queue in the post office discussing it.  Were they in or out Owner I says out of interest it being nearish to tea time by then.  THEY WEREN'T VOTING because they couldn't decide Wonka but kept on about leaving. Thankfully, Owner didn't turn round and interfere, tell them how to vote, shout at them, accuse them of being too stupid to vote anyway..... GIANT TICK.  now do on to have a fret free eve folks, and a beauty day tmorro.  big Love Wonka X