Thursday, 9 June 2016

June is busting out!

HALLOA UP Folks out there all saying has Wonka gone funny? June is busting out all over, is, says Owner a fab song straight from her fave musical called CAROUSEL.  Shirley Jones and thingy. Gordon thingy.  MacRae!! and if you haven't seen it, you are in for a treat shouts Owner getting very excited by the prospect.

WHY IS OWNER SO HAPPY? you all now wonder up in astonishment.  It is all because something she has been on at least 9 and a half on the mood setting with worriment at sky high levels, has NEARLY sorted out. I CAN SLEEP NOW she droned to me....personally, once my head hits the luxury carpet folks I am dead to the world and I did think Owner was in the same boat...X

There we are!!! this is the last Conversations part six for you!!  Remember folks, no PLOT but can I tell you something?  it is a hanky ridden tale........... so yes, this time there is a bit of a story and it is all about Tinkers and the Boolleys.  ~ Owner fell in love you see, and ME?  you will have to read it to find out.X
In other lesser news, Owner is still on with the hair product.  It means all our hard earned money alright all Owner's hard earned cash is just poured down the sink folks.  I have tried to tell her how LOVELY it looks but she will not listen.  HOW LOVELY YOU LOOK Owner I said the second she fell in from the latest invigilating.  THANKS Wonka she said, and then rushed to the bathroom to plonk more stuff on her head.  what if someone were to knock on the door Owner, I says up through the good kitchen door.  What if someone were to shout from the back gate?  Then what?  But she didn't hear me above running the tap.  End of and hair product facts up.X
Tonight all we can cling to is Enders.  I know.  Max is still languishing in prison for a murder that Bobby did OR he is enjoying an extended break. then there is SOS builders and Owner says we will have to be hard up to watch it.  Case closed folks!! do enjoy your eves and remember to count your lucky stars, pray to whoever you pray to and fling another piece of silver in the wishing well THEN your dreams will come true.X  Big Love Wonka X