Sunday, 12 June 2016

Let It Go!!

Was it a balloon Wonka? you all wonder up and now Owner declares she dreamt of a balloon and is that a good omen or what....IT HAD BETTER be eh? EH? No, I am merely repeating the good song from that epic film FROZEN.

WHY Wonka? you all mumble to me half asleep and heads full of football information and wotnot.  And me and Owner can relate to that.  She insisted on watching TITANIC but flicking back and forth to check the score.  it was NIL NIL for what seemed like hours then ONE NIL and then blow me down the stairs and back up then again ONE ALL.  Which is all the more reason to LET IT GO LET IT GO!!! and do this on a special frozen bath sheet whilst doing your twenty minute sesh on Yoga.  End of.X
There we are!! an ariel view of Owner in the very first position of her Yoga sesh.  The corpse!  I know!! the two girls are at the top of the towel that's her and her and the snowman thingy person is at the bottom.  Keep up the breathing Owner I say to her in encouragement and It's nearly tea time!!X
Last night we did manage some Casualtee and guess what? NO that is not it - Big Mac or cheeseburger or the special one with fries,decided to OWN up and tell the truth thereby setting Charlie Farley free from suspension.Yes! oh and resign along with all of that.  Tonight there is more football with Northern Ireland playing Poland.  have they scored Wonka you all shout at me to know? It is NIL NIL folks.  A timely reminded that in football not a lot happens until 1. injury time 2. those funny penalty shoot out things and 3. Free balls.  I have to apologise now for my limited football knowledge and Owner could write hers on a special royal family issue stamp.  I know.X
It is a new week ahead and I am hoping that Owner has a few zero hours or we will starve as usual.  IF she continues to practise breathing, at least the mood setting will steady up.  All to play for folks! Big Love Wonka X  PS Bertie is still fine and fat and in his igloo and Ruggles has a small clump of knotted fur that Owner keeps tweaking with the risk of a small nip when he gets fed up with it.X